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Changing the game!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Green Auto Tech believes you deserve the best for you and yours. Life is short, and when it comes to the average life-span of your motor and it's systems, you'll find the damaging effects of friction are integrated from the engineering of the vehicle.

After extensive research for over 15 years, we've come to the realization that your vehicle NEEDS to reduce all friction to become efficient. THAT'S what Tribo-MAX is here for! As the friction occurs, the additive BINDS to the metal surface becoming a diamond-like shield against wear and tear! Easily increasing the metals life by 50%, restoring the surface back to manufacturer specs, make the capabilities of this additive something truly amazing.

Nano-Level particles that restore your vehicle's fluid systems. Tribo-ceramics act as true miracle workers, ESPECIALLY for your motor!

And it's as easy as pushing a syringe of Tribo-MAX into your fluid system like this!

(Click picture to order yours!)

Stay a while and check out what we have to offer. Your vehicle will LOVE it! Guaranteed.



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