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After 1 treatment, this is what happened for Ed

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Nano-Level Additives 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Available for every type of engine, and every system that holds a fluid!

  Tribo-MAX  is formulated as an ARMOR harder than diamonds that activates in your motor and other systems under high heat, transforming the wear areas into a nano-ceramic surface, in the highest friction pressure points. 

 Capable of filling in worn spots up to 0.064” or more, and permanently. 

In fact, just one particle is about 10x smaller than your red blood cells.

 This armor restores the metal moving parts and reverses wear and tear.​​

Lowest friction of anything we have ever seen

  The nano-ceramic surface creates ultra-low friction. After significant research supplied       from universities all over the world, we found the friction coefficient decreased to 0.06!


  In turn, our super lubricant gives you an immediately efficient running vehicle and added   insurance against mechanical failure.


Truly the "Holy Grail" of Super Lubricants!

  Tribo-Ceramic Nano-Particles have two jobs. Bind to the metal and provide ultimate   lubrication.

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